With the help of Ayahuasca microdosing, you can rebalance the energies of left and right hemisphere, thereby gaining a better sense of inner balance.

The active ingredient in Ayahuasca is DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a natural substance secreted in the pineal gland in our brain. The pineal gland is also known as the third eye or sixth chakra. Through education and societal demands this chakra is suppressed in many of us. Also, the pollution in food, air and water will calcify this gland over the years, making us less in touch with the specific energies that it represents. A healthy sixth chakra gives a heightened sense of intuitive thinking as well as a more peaceful and confident connection to your inner Self. The three main themes of this chakra are intuition, inspiration and imagination.

When Ayahuasca is taken in micro amounts it will, on subtle levels, help to ignite this energy. The DMT in Ayahuasca helps to bring back balance between the male and female, the logical and abstract, the temporal and ethereal. Also Ayahuasca can help in finding back balance in our physical well being as it has the capacity to cleanse and regenerate on a cellular level. It will raise the vibration of the cells, thereby supporting the strength and stamina of the organic system.

Microdosing in essence follows the same concept as homeopathy. This means that for most people it works on more subconscious levels and asks for time to express itself on the physical plane. It can induce vivid/lucid dreaming and bring about a heightened sense of inspiration and imagination. Also any qualities on the psychic spectrum can be ignited.

It's important to 'support' the energy with certain techniques like meditation, yoga or breathing exercises in order to enhance the likelihood that the seeds will root and your third eye will be activated. 
For those who have no or little experience with these techniques I offer a 7 week course in the center of Amsterdam in which you learn a variety of methods to nourish this energy. More about this course, including dates, you can read on the WHEN&WHERE page.

If you already have experience with Ayahuasca and/or with the methods as described above you could work with it independently. In that case I will give you an introduction to the principles through the phone or at my home in Amsterdam. We look closer into your specific situation and needs and how to best work with the microdosing. (takes about 1 hour).


first time introduction plus 50 ml bottle - € 54*
Continued use: 30 ml bottle - € 24
50 ml bottle - € 34
7 week course - € 144


* Introduction is a one on one attunement of the medicine to your personal situation and needs. Over the course of the process you can always take up contact for reflection and sharing.


-> Our stomach contains the MAO enzyme (monoamine oxidase), which breaks down the DMT in our foods so we are kept in the 3D reality of every day life. When we drink Ayahuasca we therefore have to consume another brew, which contains a MAO inhibitor. With microdosing this is not needed because the blood vessels under the tongue will absorb the DMT, making it surpass the stomach and go directly into the blood stream. The plant used for microdosing is Mimosa Hostilis (Jurema) because of its high concentration of DMT.

-> Because the microdosing brew does not contain the MAO blocker this course is open to anyone with a healthy calling for the next logical step in life. (If you are using hard drugs on a regular basis or on strong antidepressants it will most likely not be beneficial to you).



If you have experience with Ayahuasca and like her energy but have no calling for a deep and intense ‘inner journey’ you could try a mini dosing a few times. In this case you take a doses big enough to ignite certain energies of transformation within you but small enough to keep you ‘on the surface’. For everyone the specific amount for this subtle balance will be different and so it’s advisable to start slow and, if needed, build it up slowly. Generally speaking a doses of about 15/20 ml will be good for a mild effect lasting 2 to 3 hours.

With minidosing you make a personal commitment to do 4-6 sessions within 3 months in the privacy of your own home. In contrast to the microdosing you will have to swallow the brew and so it will have to be combined with the MAO blocker. Because of this certain requirements are effective like a (mild) dietary preparation. When you are interested in this process we will look into your specific situation and needs to determine if this is a sensible way to help you raise your consciousness.


Introduction and 5/7 doses (100 ml) - € 108*
Continued use 5/7 doses - € 81


* Only for people with positive experience with Ayahuasca. Introduction is a one on one attunement of the medicine to your personal situation and needs. Over the course of the process you can always take up contact for reflection and sharing. In comparison, 100 ml is about 30% more than what people on average drink on a full inner journey.

-> Important: if you are taking any kind of medication, you will have to inform me of this. Ayahuasca does not go well with certain medicine (like antibiotics or antidepressants) so it's important I can have it checked out if necessary. Also if you are under treatment of a psychologist/psychiatrist it's wise to let me know and also inform your therapist about your intention to minidose so we can hopefully streamline that track.

-> People vary greatly in their receptivity to Ayahuasca and ability to ‘translate’ the energy in words, thoughts, images and emotions. Sometimes the minidoses is too small to pick up on by your awareness or the vibration too high to reach. This does not mean something is wrong. No one is immune to the energy of Ayahuasca, it’s just not always the right time or place for you to get vivid insights or realizations. The energy will always find her way into your system and will raise the vibration of your cells. Sometimes the most important work is the physical realigning so we should always be willing to accept whatever comes and embrace its energy no matter how subtle or subconscious.